Facts and figures

In the territory of Poland the Yamal gas pipeline runs through:

  • 5 voivodships (podlaskie, mazowieckie, kujawsko-pomorskie, wielkopolskie and lubuskie)
  • 27 counties
  • 67 municipalities.

The pipeline runs across 20,000 parcels of land owned by approx. 4,500 owners. It crosses more than 250 roads and railway trucks, and more than 100 water bodies including the largest rivers: the Vistula River, Odra River, Warta River and twice the Narew River.

Basic technical data of the Polish part of the Transit Gas Pipeline:

  • maximum operating pressure - 8.4 MPa,
  • length – 684 km,
  • pipeline diameter - DN1400,
  • physical entry point - in accordance with IRiESP,
  • physical exit points - in accordance with IRiESP,
  • 5 compressor stations - TG Kondratki, TG Zambrów, TG Ciechanów, TG Włocławek, TG Szamotuły,
  • 5 compressor stations’ connection units and 34 shut-off and relief sets, 8 cathodic protection stations and one station of galvanic anodes,
  • communication and data transmission systems based on an optical fibre line that runs along the gas pipeline,
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System.


Facts and figures


QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM Design and construction of the System of Transit Gas Pipelines (SGT) within the territory of the Republic of Poland is based on the most stringent international engineering standards and sharp criteria of technical safety assessment thus ensuring adequate durability and long-term correct operation of the System.

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Construction history

Up to the nineties of the twentieth century, most of natural gas delivered to the Western Europe was carried by pipelines running across Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  A growing demand for gas in countries of the Western Europe and also in Poland resulted in a need to consider construction of new gas pipelines that would allow for an increase in both quantities and flexibility.

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