SGT is operated in a way that provides transmission of natural gas in a manner safe to humans, the infrastructure and the environment, in the same time ensuring reliability and economy of the process.

Operation includes:

  1. Monitoring:
    • The SCADA system
    • Control and automatic control systems
    • Fire and gas detection systems
    • Periodic inspections of the pipeline’s mainline part from the air by flyovers
    • Internal inspection of the pipeline with pigs
    • Emission of gases (CO2, NOx) into the atmosphere
    • Facility maintenance (security).
  1. Dispatcher’s supervision:
    • Fulfilment of the operator’s orders
    • Coordination of work in facilities
    • Coordination of actions during a malfunction
    • Analysis of events and trends
  2. Prevention:
    • Maintenance inspections and checks
    • Modernisations
    • Investment projects
  3. Partnership with the Operator of the SGT:
    • Agreeing of the overhaul plans
    • Agreeing of investment projects plan
    • Agreeing of values of limitations
    • Audits