Design and construction of the System of Transit Gas Pipelines (SGT) within the territory of the Republic of Poland is based on the most stringent international engineering standards and sharp criteria of technical safety assessment thus ensuring adequate durability and long-term correct operation of the System.

According to the agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Poland and the Russian Federation dated August 25, 1993, this project was implemented basing on technical standards relevant in Poland, and also basing extensively on engineering standards and regulations relevant in other European countries. The project execution process, from preparatory works to commissioning of the system for operation, was subject to Polish legal regulations, especially the statutory ones: provisions of the construction law, spatial management and environmental protection laws.

EUROPOL GAZ S.A., as both the investor and owner of the SGT within the territory of Poland, has given the top priority to quality of the project implementation, strictly adhering to requirements of the ISO 9000 family of standards. The entire project execution process was conducted in accordance with the comprehensive Quality Assurance Process, developed and deployed just for the needs of that project. Requirements of the system were equally applicable to the Prime Designer of the SGT, the manufacturers and suppliers of materials and equipment as well as the prime contractors and subcontractors, and the investor’s supervision service.

EUROPOL GAZ S.A., having completed construction of the facilities, basing on an assessment of the engineering design’s solutions (which included in particular a verification of the static and strength calculations), the technologies applied and execution procedures as well as a confirmation of correctness of the completed works and acceptance tests, was granted the Conformity and Safety certificates for the pipeline and its all five compressor stations; the certificates were issued by Bureau Veritas and Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. All completed facilities of the project were reported as ready for operation to relevant authorities of the local state administration.

Construction history

Up to the nineties of the twentieth century, most of natural gas delivered to the Western Europe was carried by pipelines running across Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  A growing demand for gas in countries of the Western Europe and also in Poland resulted in a need to consider construction of new gas pipelines that would allow for an increase in both quantities and flexibility.

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Facts and figures

In the territory of Poland the Yamal gas pipeline runs through:

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