For EUROPOL GAZ S.A., protection of the environment is, besides the safe work environment, the crucial foundation on which the company builds its policy. The Company operates equipment and systems of the SGT system so that to limit adverse effects on the natural environment and in the same time it seeks optimisation of energetic raw materials’ consumption as well as improves awareness of its personnel in the area of environment protection.

EUROPOL GAZ S.A.  has been assessing an environmental impact of its investment projects on natural environment taking into account environment-related effects, monitors innovations resulting in environmental benefits and a reduction of detrimental impact on the environment. Special attention is being paid to systematic adjustment of the company’s resources and procedures to current regulations and standards related to protection of the natural environment.

Caring for the environment is an important tradition of our Company. From the very beginning of EUROPOL GAZ S.A.’s existence the Company’s authorities have been placing enormous emphasis on adherence to ecological standards and recommendations. Our environment-friendly policy of doing business has been visible in every phase of the gas pipeline building process, starting from design assumptions, through implementation of the project up to the operation phase.

In order to achieve a high level of the natural environment protection the Company has deployed a number of procedures and adheres to requirements of its internal environmental management system.


Information for the public, made according to Art. 261a item 1 of the Environment Protection Law

The CO2 Emission Allowances Trading System

EUROPOL GAZ S.A. as the owner of the compressor stations has been participating in the Emission Trading System since 2008. Moreover, our compressor stations are covered by the National Implementation Measures for the period of 2021 – 2025 (Phase IV).

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Environmental awareness

In the environment protection aspect, EUROPOL GAZ S.A. does not limit its activities to conducting of actions related only to operation of the system of transit pipelines. A continuous improvement of the personnel’s environmental awareness is extremely important in everyday functioning of our Company.

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Environment Management System

All decisions held and implementation of obligations arising from both decisions and legal regulations are subject to continuous monitoring. In this respect a useful tool is the document titled The List of Actions Resulting from Environmental Protection Regulations, Decisions Held and the ZSZ - the Manner and Timelines for Implementation.

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Local community

EUROPOL GAZ S.A.’s understanding of its relations with a local community is broader than just the business obligations required by the law. The company supports local projects with a great satisfaction, especially in the areas where the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline runs through and where the five compressor stations are located. We notice local initiatives that have a positive effect on quality of life of local communities and built a regional social identity. Thank to that we discover outstanding people and great places. We strengthen our ties with local communities because we feel we are one of their members. We are a responsible neighbour who contributes to growth of the community in which he functions every day.

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