In the environment protection aspect, EuRoPol GAZ s.a. does not limit its activities to conducting of actions related only to operation of the system of transit pipelines. A continuous improvement of the personnel’s environmental awareness is extremely important in everyday functioning of our Company.
This activity is reflected in both environmental programmes and policy of EuRoPol GAZ.

This goal is being pursued by, among other things, publishing of information and educational materials on environmental protection in the Technical Bulletin and on our corporate portal.
Moreover, internal dedicated training courses and workshops on the environment-related issues are arranged for. The trainees learn about both the legal requirements and the ways of meeting them.

In the recent years, services of the Operating Division, Engineering Division and hired consultants have been working together to maintain and further improvement the Environment Management System.  The outcome of their efforts has confirmed that within the existing programmes EuRoPol GAZ s.a. minimises negative effects on the environment in each of the identified aspects.

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