Obtaining the certificate is undoubtedly the evidence that in our activities related to gas transport and maintenance of the SGT’s technical infrastructure we have been meeting all requirements arising from decisions, permits and licenses we hold as well from relevant legal regulations, also in the area of environmental protection.

All decisions held and implementation of obligations arising from both decisions and legal regulations are subject to continuous monitoring. In this respect a useful tool is the document titled The List of Actions Resulting from Environmental Protection Regulations, Decisions Held and the ZSZ - the Manner and Timelines for Implementation. This document is a set of requirements for individual facilities along with an assessment of compliance with them. Thank to that the magnitude of the effects is recorded on the current basis and any increase of this magnitude is immediately responded to by, e.g. development of a request for a modification of the license and obtaining such a modification.

The Company, operating the compressor stations, mainline infrastructure and other facilities, either owned by the Company or rented by it, takes into account both Polish and the EU’s legal regulations. Our Development Office and consultants carry out a continuous monitoring of the environmental protection law. This monitoring allows for responding quickly in a situation when any modifications of the law directly affect the Company. A register of law changes is kept on the current basis and basing on that register scenarios of responding to those changes are being developed.

The list of environmental aspects is undoubtedly a very important document within the Environment Management process. This is a listing of elements of the organisation’s actions that affect the natural environment.  The Company has defined more than 100 ways the environment is affected by the SGT facilities, e.g. by emitting gases or dust into the air, by taking water, discharging waste water or by generating wastes.

The finished register provides the basis for development of a list of significant aspects - the ones that deeply affect the environment - but in the same time have a potential for a self-improvement of the organisation. Applicable environmental programmes allowing for achieving the set goals have been developed for selected areas.