For EuRoPol GAZ s.a., protection of the environment is, besides the safe work environment, the crucial foundation on which the company builds its policy. The Company operates equipment and systems of the SGT system so that to limit adverse effects on the natural environment and in the same time it seeks optimisation of energetic raw materials’ consumption as well as improves awareness of its personnel in the area of environment protection.

Each year EuRoPol GAZ s.a. invests significant amounts of money into projects designed to develop capabilities of reducing detrimental effects on the environment. Special attention is being paid to make the Company’s resources and policies compliant with current regulations and standards related to environmental protection.

Caring for the environment is an important tradition of our Company. From the very beginning of EuRoPol GAZ s.a.’s existence the Company’s authorities have been placing enormous emphasis on adherence to ecological standards and recommendations. Our environment-friendly policy of doing business has been visible in every phase of the gas pipeline building process, starting from design assumptions, through implementation of the project up to the operation phase.

The certificate confirming deployment as well as use of the Integrated Quality, Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Protection Management System, granted to our Company in 2011, is a proof of effectiveness for our activities undertaken in this area. The system is based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 oraz PN-EN-18001 standards.


Information for the public, made according to Art. 261a item 1 of the Environment Protection Law

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