Pursuant to Art. 4 para.1of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 1227/2011 dated October 25, 2011, on the Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT), an obligation of disclosing so called “inside information” that refers to, among other things, capabilities and utilisation of installations used for natural gas transmission including also both scheduled and unscheduled unavailability of those installations to the public, has been imposed on participants of the wholesale energy market who conclude transactions that are subject to the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

Information posted by GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. as the operator of the Polish part of the Yamal-Western Europe gas pipeline posts the following information on the current basis on its website:

a) In the - Urgent Market Messages bookmark - information on scheduled works and unscheduled events that, among other things affect operation of the System of Transit Gas Pipelines,
b) In the Customer Zone - SGT Yamal Gas Pipeline bookmark - standardized publications according the Regulation (EC) No. 715/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated July 13, 2009 On Conditions for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission Networks and Repealing the Regulation (EC) No. 17175/2005.

Information posted by EuRoPol GAZ s.a.

The other market information, that is not subject for publication pursuant to Art. 4 para.1 of the REMIT regulation but are important for participants of the natural gas market.


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