400-billionth cubic meter of natural gas transmitted by the Yamal gas pipeline

More than 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been transmitted through the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline since the moment of commencing gas transmission in November 1999 till the end of February 2015 [according to GOST].

Transmission of natural gas via the Polish part of the Yamal pipeline began after completion of the pipeline’s mainline part (that is 684 km long) and commissioning of the compressor station in Kondratki. The pipeline’s transmission capacity was growing as next compressor stations were coming into operation: in 2000 - in Włocławek, in 2005 – in Ciechanów and Szamotuły, in 2006 – in Zambrów. The planned transmission capacity of the first line of the Yamal gas pipeline was achieved in 2006. Since 2000 the natural gas transported by the Yamal pipeline began flows to Polish transmission system through the interconnector in Włocławek and since 2003 - also through the interconnector in Lwówek Wiekopolski. Thank to extension of the System’s Regulation and Metering Station in Włocławek, the transmission capacity at the interconnection with the Polish transmission system increased since January 2015 to 1 billion cubic meters per hour.
In 2014, EuRoPol GAZ s.a. was awarded the title of the Leader of Technical Safety by the Office of Technical Inspection  in the User category. This title confirmed our compliance with the most stringent standards in gas transmission and maintenance of technical infrastructure of the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline which has been warranting for more than 20 years a safe, reliable and effective operation of the whole pipeline infrastructure. On the other hand the Certificate of Conformity for the Operation Management System of the Polish part of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, renewed in the same year for the next 3 years by Bureau Veritas Polska Sp. z o.o., is a proof of maintaining effectively the system for management of operation and gas transmission for the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline, deployed by our company.
Within contracts performed by EuRoPol GAZ s.a. and Operator SGT (OGP GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.), more than 34 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been transmitted through the Polish part of the Yamal pipeline in 2014 [according to GOST]. Since 2011, EuRoPol GAZ s.a.has been making available its unutilised transmission capacity to Operator SGT that offers gas transmission services within the Polish part of the Yamal gas pipeline.
EuRoPol GAZ s.a. is a joint-stock company of a mixed, Polish-Russian capital. It was established in 1993 as a result of an agreement entered into by the Governments of the Republic of Poland and the Russian Federation.
EuRoPol GAZ s.a.


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